Last year, there were several major changes within the logistics industry. For example, many companies increased their drivers’ salaries, the government introduced new courses to help drivers, and overseas drivers were recruited. With so many changes issued last year, what will happen this year? See what our expert team predicts below:


Supply chains may remain busy

Since Brexit has been in full motion, there have been delays within the supply chain as businesses are left to navigate the new changes for the logistics industry. For example, there may be delays at the border when receiving produce from overseas. Moreover, since the UK has left the EU, HGV drivers’ transportation routes may be more restricted than before, which could cause a further delay as the new routes may be longer.


Online shopping will contribute to the demand

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in e-commerce, which is predicted to continue this year. This continued demand for online shopping will present both new opportunities as well as possible challenges for many companies. For instance, the increased demand will add to the current strain of needing HGV class 1 and class 2 drivers, as more drivers will be required to match the demand for online shopping deliveries.


Increase in electric vehicles

Electric vehicle (EV) production in the UK is set to increase in 2022 as the delivery sector moves to new technologies. Many businesses have begun to stray towards using electric vehicles for deliveries instead of vehicles with internal combustion engines, which releases additional carbon dioxide.

Electric vehicles in the logistics sector are suitable for many types of freight transportation and parcel delivery. Moreover, they also promote pollution-free circulation and are valuable for city centres and urban spaces, as they have a small carbon footprint.


Training courses may help with the driver shortage

With an estimated deficit of up to 65,000 HGV drivers, the government is expected to invest another £34 million in its HGV driving skills. This will be done through nationwide boot camps available for new and current drivers to develop their skills. These boot camps will be available for free and are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, designed to train drivers to help them gain their HGV licence.

These boot camp courses are not only available for aspiring drivers, but also for existing drivers who want a refresher course or to upgrade their skills. Moreover, drivers who successfully complete the HGV course are also guaranteed a job interview with an employer.

This scheme will be beneficial to drivers looking to join the industry, as they will have access to free HGV training, so we can remain optimistic that more drivers will join the industry this year.


How we can help you

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