Over Easter Weekend, the team at H&G Recruitment have been extra busy preparing care packages for our dedicated front-line workers.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it confusion, fear and uncertainty for many individuals, businesses and industries across the country.

Regardless, our amazing and hard-working workers have been taking on increased volumes of stock and working around the clock to fill stores with what the general public need in order to serve customers and communities. Increased stock has been sent to stores by trucks our drivers drive 24/7 and loaded via the warehouses to ensure people can continue shopping for items that they vitally need. This is in an effort to ensure we take care of one another when we need each other most.


Thank You

To show our appreciation for the work our team are doing, we prepared care packages over the weekend for our workers. We are grateful for their efforts in continuing to work at this difficult time.

We fully appreciate the uncharted challenges and uncertainty presented by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), but the hard work and positivity the team are bringing has made everything a little easier for everyone.

We have also organised an Easter Raffle, which not only raises money for The Trussell Trust, but also let’s us to say thank you once again.


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