The UK’s logistics industry is experiencing a shortage in skills, and it is estimated that over 75,000 drivers are needed to help the country get back up to speed.

Lengthy Covid-19 restrictions and Brexit disruption have further widened the gap, meaning that right now is a crucial time for recruiting for HGV driver jobs. Drivers play a vital role within the UK’s supply chain for an endless number of industries, so the importance of encouraging more skilled drivers to join the profession can’t be overstated.

With the gap only widening further as time goes on, it’s essential that the logistics industry captures the attention of skilled, dedicated professionals who would benefit from starting a career in the sector. This is why more young drivers are needed to close the gap. But how can the industry attract fresh talent?

At H&G Recruitment, we’re experts in supporting national businesses with their staffing requirements, from temporary, fixed-term contracts to permanent team members. We’ve outlined some of our key considerations for attracting younger talent to the table.


Give Talented Candidates a Chance

Younger drivers have fewer years’ experience in the industry, but this doesn’t mean you should overlook them. Everyone gets their start somewhere! Here, it’s crucial that you assess the capability of each driver that comes to you, regardless of age. Lengthy experience from drivers is few and far between, and holding out for only those who have decades of driving behind them could mean you’ll be waiting longer for the skills you’re asking for.

With this being said, proper checks and good quality training are crucial to finding less experienced, but talented candidates. At H&G Recruitment, our clients and candidates benefit from our class 1 HGV driver training and training services, meaning you can rest assured that we can supply skilled, reliable drivers to help your business run at its best.


Offer More Security

As the country recovers from Covid-19, it’s important to showcase more security and stability for younger drivers who may be considering a different career that is more famed for its stability. Employers should highlight why candidates should consider them for secure, predictable and reliable work, with good hours and good rates of pay.

Our team can help direct your vacancies to the right people, showcasing your business’s job stability and highlighting why your business is an excellent choice for those looking for stability.


Highlight Your Best Assets

As well as more stability and security, many young drivers will be looking for roles with good benefits and working environment. They’ll want to know that their employer will be looking out for their health, safety and wellbeing, all while providing a reliable working schedule that they can rely on.

Here, it’s important to highlight your company’s best assets, whether that’s your staff retention, excellent rates of pay, good employee benefits package or good hours. The H&G Recruitment team will work with you to help propel your vacancies to a wider audience, communicating your best assets.


H&G Recruitment

If you’re a business looking to attract more drivers for class 1 HGV jobs in the UK, we can help. We’ve been working with businesses across the country for over 18 years, and we’re passionate about protecting our people and providing them with everything they need to succeed in their career.

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