The Christmas season is nearly upon us once more, and it’s always the busiest time of the year for our warehouse operatives. There is, however, slightly more pressure this year due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Earlier this year, COVID-19 kept families indoors following the government enforced lockdown. Even now, people across the country have avoided going out if not necessary, and so weekly online retail transactions made in home and leisure categories have seen a 200 percent increase since the start of the year (Statistica, 2020). This means that communities are relying on the hard work of our warehouse operatives now more than ever.

With this in mind, we’ve outlined our top tips for working the Christmas period as a warehouse operative during COVID-19.


Stick to COVID-19 guidelines in the warehouse

It is paramount that you follow the necessary guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 onsite. These measures include:

  • Wearing your facemask when onsite in the warehouse;
  • Making sure you use hand sanitiser and wash hands with soap regularly;
  • Minimising person-to-person contact;
  • Adhering to the government’s social distancing protocol wherever possible.

If someone that you have been in close contact with tests positive for coronavirus, it is important that you self-isolate following the government’s guidance.


Follow warehouse safety rules

With Christmas being the busiest season of the year, and with new coronavirus safety guidelines in place, it can be difficult to forget the usual safety regulations. It is important that you remember that these remain the number one priority onsite.

You can do this by making sure that:

  • You are wearing the proper safety equipment (high-visibility jacket, safety goggles and a hard hat helmet);
  • You of aware of obstacles and individuals that are around you;
  • You know the location of fire exits in the warehouse incase of an emergency evacuation.


Take your breaks

Over the Christmas period, the number of orders that you must pick and pack is likely to increase substantially. Even when at your busiest, it is important that you take your scheduled breaks throughout the day. When you over exert yourself, your productivity, satisfaction and happiness levels are likely to decrease, and it’s likely to have a negative impact on your mental health and wellbeing.


Ensure that your equipment is working correctly

Nothing can slow the picking and packing process down more than faulty equipment. To work as efficiently as possible, you need to make sure that all equipment from the warehouse, such as the forklift or pallet truck, isn’t faulty.

Make sure to inspect the equipment and ensure it is in working condition and safe everytime before use.


H&G Recruitment

Following these tips is key to making sure you can work quickly, accurately and as safely as possible during the Christmas period.

We are currently recruiting for warehouse operatives to work alongside our client Ocado. This year, Ocado has been recognised as the fastest growing UK brand of 2020 (BrandZ’s Top 75 Most Valuable Brands Report), which makes it a very exciting place to work. If you’re interested in finding out more, please email us at



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