This year, we have chosen to partner with a charity that is very close to our hearts. After working with the Willow Foundation for many years, we are in awe of the work they do to support those with life-threatening conditions.

Each year, the charity aims to fulfil more than 1,000 Special Days for young adults with illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease. The Special Days allow the families of those affected to reconnect and refocus on each other while enjoying an activity of their choosing. The Willow Foundation creates a day for them, a day about them and a day that will create memories they will all treasure forever.

Last year, we attended the 20th Anniversary Willow Ball in London’s most iconic hotel, The Savoy. The evening was magical with fine food, wine and superb entertainment all whilst raising money for Willow’s Special Days. This year, at H&G Recruitment, we have set a goal to raise enough money to fund 10 Special Days.


Maria Alexander, Head of Community and Fundraising for Willow says:

‘It was brilliant to hear that so much thought has already gone into the fundraising ideas! You’ve got some cracking ideas and I’ll support you as much as I can throughout the year.

I think the goal you’ve set to raise enough for 10 Special Days is wonderful. Thank you for choosing Willow as your Charity partner 2020 – I’m looking forward to a great year working together.’


Who are Willow?

Willow was founded in 1999 by former Arsenal goalkeeper and TV presenter, Bob Wilson and his wife Megs, as a lasting memorial to their daughter Anna, who died of cancer aged 31. The inspiration for Willow came from Anna’s determination to live every moment to the full, despite the most difficult of circumstances.

Since then, the charity has organised more than 17,000 Special Days for young adults. For some, their Special Day is the opportunity to return some normality to their lives. For others, it is the last chance to fulfil a dream. Regardless of the circumstance, a Special Day is a life-affirming experience that can lift spirits, reunify families and be a source of strength when it’s needed most.


What is involved with a Special Day?

All the Special Day experiences are UK based and are created around everyone’s wishes and aspirations. This can range from a once-in-a-lifetime experience, quality time together for young families or a much-needed break for couples. Special Days often span more than a day and involve overnight stays or a few days away.


How can I help?

If you are interested in supporting H&G Recruitment with their efforts to raise the funds for 10 Special Days, keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more information about we will be doing.

There is also a range of ways that you can support Willow directly. Make a difference by:

  • Donating online
  • Entering the ‘Willow’ lottery
  • Attending a ‘Willow’ event
  • Holding your own fundraiser


To enquire more about the work we do with Willow, send us on email on



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