Since the Covid-19 pandemic entered our lives, the demand for logistics and transport has largely increased at a rate never seen before. Due to the rapidly changing economy, considerable reliance has been put on to key workers to get food and other important goods to our homes. With the need for HGV drivers growing quickly, the benefits to becoming a Class 1 HGV driver have never been better.

H&G Recruitment have an experienced and highly motivated team with an exceptional network of skilled professionals at all levels that can help you to upskill to a Class 1 driver. Below, we have outlined some of the key benefits of doing this:


Continuous learning and progression

Upskilling to a Class 1 driver provides you with the opportunity for continuous learning and career progression. It will enable you to gain more experience and give you the opportunity to access a wider variety of different sized vehicles such as semi-trailer trucks and all other class 1-5 motor vehicles.

The development of skills that will follow upskilling to a Class 1 driver will provide you with the chance to earn more qualifications and gain extra responsibility in your working life.


Opens up your earning potential and boosts your employability

Upskilling to a Class 1 driver has significant salary benefits, as employers will generally pay more for a higher value of skills and relevant qualifications

The average salary for an HGV driver in the UK is £32,100 per year with some salaries exceeding £60,000. The biggest salaries are paid to those with the most experience and the highest qualifications and skill sets.


No shortage of work

Another benefit to upskilling to a Class 1 HGV driver is stability and security. There is always a need for people to transport goods, especially during this time where there is a surge in the demand, and a higher level of qualification means that there will be more opportunities for you to get work that is suited to you and your schedule.


H&G Recruitment

H&G Recruitment is one of the country’s fastest growing leading logistics and HGV C+E Class 1, C Class 2, and industrial recruitment experts in the supply chain.

We are always trying to recruit more Class 1 drivers throughout the UK and we can help you with upskilling and increasing your employability as an HGV driver. As there is currently no shortage of Class 1 driving jobs, now would be the perfect time to upskill.

For more information or any enquiries, please call 0808 175 3644 or email us at

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