As a pioneer of logistical and HGV recruitment, we are passionate about mental health and wellbeing within the logistics industry.

The world of logistics plays a vital role in keeping the country moving and supporting the delivery of essential goods to businesses and organisations throughout the UK.

This means the industry rarely slows down, which is why it’s vital that workers have the necessary support to maintain their wellbeing, protect them from stress.

In this blog we want to use our voice to talk about wellbeing, focusing on what logistics companies can do to improve mental health support and H&G’s support of mental health charities. Read on to find out more…


The statistics behind mental health 

Over recent years, there has been a long-overdue priority put on mental health in the workplace, and indeed in general life, and some of the stigmas surrounding the topic have been reduced.

This has prompted charities and businesses alike to investigate the relationship between industry workers and mental health.

It is estimated that 50% of businesses involved in logistics experienced an increase in employee stress, anxiety, and depression during the pandemic. UK mental health charity, Mind, claimed that 30% of self-reported, work-related illnesses were down to these three factors, too.

It is also thought that currently, 25% of HGV drivers will experience mental health difficulties on the job each year due to the time-sensitive nature of the role.

This is why more and more businesses need to adopt progressive employee benefits and mental health schemes to protect and empower their workforce.


How can logistics companies improve wellbeing in their organisation?

Mental health is unique to each person, which means a single, blanket solution is unlikely to help your company’s entire workforce. That’s why it’s beneficial to have multiple initiatives and programmes in place to help support your team.

Businesses are now required to have trained mental health first aiders within the team for colleagues to contact confidentially to be able to talk freely and openly about their concerns or issues affecting their mental and general wellbeing.

Support is not just about supporting those struggling but also putting measures in place to maintain positive wellbeing within your organisation.

Its important for businesses to engage with employees about wellbeing measures so that you can develop the right workplace culture, with suitable facilities and equipment for team members, and an environment that leaves your employees feeling valued and that their voice is heard.

The work Sainsbury’s do towards employee wellbeing is a great example for other organisations. They focus on providing tools and resources to enable employees to thrive in all aspects of life whether financial, mental, or physical.

Measures such as cycle to work schemes and discounted gym memberships help with physical wellbeing, they use an app called Unmind to support mental wellbeing which they say has been downloaded and used by more than 10,000+ colleagues and to support with financial wellbeing they offer enhanced discounts instore and have recently implemented a wage rise to help combat the effects of the current cost of living crisis.

Learn more about their extensive wellbeing support


Mental Health Support at H&G Recruitment

At H&G, we prioritise the wellbeing of our workers, and of those who use our platform to find work. We have implemented several measures, such as trained mental health first aiders, well-being courses, and effective HR processes, to help the mental health of those around us.


Our support to mental health charities

For 2023, we have decided to directly support mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and their cause. They are one of the leading UK charities when it comes to suicide prevention and changing the perception of mental health conversations.

There is currently a large focus on male mental health with suicide one of the biggest killers of UK men under the age of 45. The logistics industry is typically male dominated, so it is crucial that recruiters such as us and other influential voices within the industry take a stand, promote positive conversations about mental health, and outwardly support this cause.

Discover more about CALM


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