During lockdown we learnt about the reliance on HGV Class 1 and HGV Class 2 drivers, who were responsible for delivering essential goods across the nation, keeping local communities stocked throughout.

With the festive period approaching, we will see another increase in demand and more Class 1 and 2 HGV jobs available.

When working on HGV Class 1 or Class 2 jobs road safety remains integral to your day-to-day duties. November marks Road Safety Week, which is the perfect opportunity to review the ways you stay safe on the roads.


What is Road Safety Week?

Road Safety Week, coordinated annually by Brake, is the UK’s biggest road safety event.

Brake is a road safety charity working with communities and organisations across the UK to decrease the number of road deaths and injuries that take place every year. The charity also supports those who have been affected by injuries as well as the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Each year, Brake selects a new safety theme as the focus for Road Safety Week. The 2022 theme is “Safe Roads for All” because every life on the road matters and every death and injury can be prevented.

You can get involved with Road Safety Week by ordering your FREE online action pack from their website.


How can I take part in Road Safety Week?

You can get involved with Road Safety Week by ordering your FREE online action pack. The pack contains advice, ideas and activities to help you get involved. You can also help by fundraising. Find out more about donating to Brake.


Our safety tips for HGV Class 1 & Class 2 Drivers

To raise awareness of road safety, we are going to share some safety tips for our drivers:

Be conscious of other road users

It is important to always be conscious and considerate of other road users including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. When you are driving or stuck in traffic, you are likely to be one of the largest vehicles on the road, so make sure you stay alert to those around you and have good hazard perception.


Watch your speed

Three in four UK drivers have admitted to speeding. Whilst we understand that you want to get to your destination on time but driving above the speed limit is not the answer and will put yourself and other road users at risk.

If you have thoughtfully planned out your journey and taken any delays into account, there is no need to speed to your destination.


Always wear a seatbelt.

When you’re driving a vehicle, whether HGV, LGV or a regular car, it is vital that you wear your seatbelt all the time.

A sudden jolt or need to break quickly is all that is needed to cause injury.


H&G Recruitment Specialists

We make our HGV recruitment process nice and easy. Our responsibility to our HGV drivers stretches beyond simply placing someone with a job; we are committed to continuously supporting our drivers in the role.

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