The logistics industry is an integral part of our economy. Employing over 1.7 million people, it is estimated that the UK Logistics and Transportation Sector is worth around 55 billion to the economy and makes up about 11% of the UK’s GDP.

The logistics industry works hard to keep pace with the needs of the UK population. In 2019, 1.4 billion tonnes of goods were lifted via GB-registered HGVs operating in the UK, a steady 2% increase from the year before.


What role does the logistics industry play in 2020?

After being fundamental to society over the last few months, the logistics sector will also be imperative in helping the UK recover from the largest recession of all time.



The transportation and logistics industry delivers and transports vital stock across not only the country but the world too; helping to provide local communities with the necessities they need as promptly and efficiently as possible. This has never been more evident than now.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, logistics companies across the country have been fundamental in restocking stores and supporting those who have been shielding with access to the products and services they need. Not only this, but the logistics industry has also been important in the provision of medical equipment, test kits and masks – further highlighting the importance of keeping supply chains moving.


Business Growth

There are 3.1 million companies in the UK and many of these companies rely on transport and logistics to keep their businesses strong.

After staying open through lockdown, many companies will be looking to the future, wanting to grow and develop their business processes to match the unique needs of their customers and clients. For example, many businesses have or will need to improve product availability, delivery capacity and business reach, investing into new drivers or warehouse operatives to keep their business working at maximum capability. The knock on effect from this affects the towns and cities where business owners decide to set up warehouses as more jobs increase better economic activity.


Technological Developments

The logistics industry also works hand in hand with the technology sector as businesses begin to integrate all supply chain functions into a digital strategy. This type of approach allows orders to be tracked, vehicles to gain grater visibility and businesses to improve their methods.

Technological advancements also allow companies to optimise their processes, reduce wait times and manage their costs. These factors maximise economic growth caused by the logistics industry.


H&G Recruitment

At H&G Recruitment, our workers have been taking on increased volumes and working around the clock to fill stores with what the general public need. Stock has been sent to stores by our HGV drivers and loaded via our warehouse operatives to ensure people can continue shopping for items that they vitally need.

We have also announced measures to protect employees and adapt operations as looking after our clients, temporary workers and colleagues is our main priority at H&G, whilst ensuring we all have a clean and safe environment to work from.

If you are looking for a particular role in the logistics industry, our experienced recruitment experts can help.

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities available, please email for more information.


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