Many people searching the job market deem agencies to be a stepping stone from one job to another, but that’s simply not the case, as Eddie Beck explains, having enjoyed working for H&G Recruitment Solutions for the past 15 years.

‘I love the flexibility. I’m from the Scottish countryside originally and love going back home to escape the busyness of London, but enjoy being able to work for an agency that can keep me busy when I need it.’

H&G, who are celebrating their 15th anniversary this July, was founded back in 2003 by Gail Radley. Their vision was to offer an agency that was ethical in trading with clients and candidates alike.

Since then, the company has grown massively and become one of the country’s leading logistic and industrial recruitment experts. Their group has a highly motivated management team as well as an exceptional training division, which provides exceptional quality and customer service ethic.

Not only does H&G have great relationships with their staff, they also have excellent relationships with clients, which include National Blue Chip companies, major retail chains, some of the largest distribution businesses in the UK and essential local service providers.

With their expertise and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service, it’s no wonder H&G have been so successful these last fifteen years. They now have offices across the country and employ over 700 people – some of which have been with them for all fifteen years, including Eddie.

Eddie is from Drummore, near Stranraer in Galloway, but relocated to North London back in 2003 when H&G first opened their doors. He spends his time, when working, delivering across the South East and the Midlands. ‘I rarely go north of Coventry’, he jokes.

‘I regularly deliver using fridges and tautliners, with the occasional ‘unusual’ job thrown in, we get lots of variety.’

Throughout his time at H&G, Eddie has worked with several blue-chip companies including some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets as well as local businesses.

‘We get different trucks every day, it’s usually Volvos or Mercedes, though Scanias are becoming more common. We are all assessed and trained, have National Diplomas and H&G looks after all our DCPC training. We are very professional drivers.’

Having different contracts has provided Eddie, and H&G’s workers, access to flexible, well paid work whilst giving people security – evidenced in fifteen years trading – and great benefits. H&G create a caring and considerate environment for their team to work in, regularly celebrating team memebers with monthly “Shining Star” awards. They also get involved with charity events as to support their local community.

‘It is a friendly company to work for’ Eddie explained. ‘Everything is done by the book. They’re a very professional company’.

H&G supply on a national basis with a mixture of branches and onsite locations, having grown from supplying solely HGV drivers to warehouse operatives, all categories of driving and transport staff.

H&G will be celebrating their 15 year anniversary with a family fun day in September in Hatfield, where the company first started. The event will be open for clients, candidates and their families with a bouncy castle, face painting and great food. If you’d like to find out more, email H&G at

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