Every year the festive season is a busy time for HGV recruitment with the increased demand for HGV Class 1 and Class 2 drivers.

As we learnt throughout the pandemic, HGV drivers are the key to transporting and supplying essential items to stores and businesses across the country. In joining the sector drivers will be helping to keep our country running as smoothly as possible.

However, HGV driving jobs aren’t for everyone. There are several key qualities that drivers need to possess to be able to succeed in the role, which our team have highlighted in this blog.


Being responsible and organised

Being organised and responsible are important for any role, not just a driving profession. This transferable skill is important as you may be required to plan your driving routes ahead of time, checking that the route is suitable for HGV or LGV vehicles.


Professionalism and timeliness 

Being professional and timely are very important skills to possess as drivers. Whilst you’re transporting goods and delivering products, you will be interacting with other businesses as well as the public, so it’s important to always remain professional.

Whilst punctuality will help you stick to your delivery schedule and meet the expectations of your customer.


Knowledge & adaptability 

There is a lot of preparation to do as a heavy goods driver before you get onto the road, such as your safety checks. Ensuring that the vehicle checks are done correctly will minimise the risks of possible issues once you have started your journey.

Here at H&G Recruitment, we ensure all the drivers we work with receive the necessary training required to complete their day-to-day duties through our Driver Care Program.


Ability to work independently 

As a HGV driver, you could be spending long periods alone on the road, so the ability to self-motivate and work well independently is a vital skill to have.

This will help with staying motivated throughout your shifts, as you may not always be working with a partner whilst on the road.


How our HGV recruitment specialists can help you

At H&G Recruitment, our team of industry experts are passionate about the logistics sector, so we are continuously supporting our drivers and helping them find their ideal roles.

As a logistics recruiter, we support you with your driving career, whether you have years of experience in the field or are a newly qualified driver.

We have a range of positions available nationwide, including HGV jobs in London, as well as HGV Class 1, Class 2 and other driving jobs. That means we can find a role that will suit your lifestyle and skill set.

If you’re a HGV driver looking for driving jobs in London or anywhere else nationwide, please call our recruitment agency on 0808 175 3644 or send an email to enquiries@h-g-recruitment.com.

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