With the current driver shortage in the UK, businesses are on a desperate search to fill vacancies, as retail companies struggle to get their goods and produce delivered. Over the last 18 months, there has been a substantial surge of drivers needed in the UK, with the number of vacancies increasing drastically from 60,000 (before COVID) to 100,000.

With such high demand, there are many benefits to becoming a HGV driver. Below, our expert recruitment team have outlined some key reasons to start your career in driving today.


Increased pay

For the past 20 to 30 years, the driver wage has been recognisably low. However, generally, there has been a drastic increase in the pay offered for Class 1 driver jobs and Class 2 driver jobs across the country.

Drivers have reported earning salaries of over £50,000! In fact, one of our current driving positions estimate an annualised salary of £54,000.


There won’t be a shortage in work

Drivers are an essential part to society. As mentioned above, there’s currently an extremely high demand for drivers, which means there’s a pool of job opportunities nationwide.

This is great news for you – as you’re sure to find a driver job close to wherever it is that you’re based. Alternatively, perhaps you want to re-locate. If so, you can rest easy knowing there’s likely to be HGV jobs across both nationally and internationally.

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing your job will be safe, as there will always be a need for goods to be transported!


Great opportunities to travel

Many people don’t realise the great opportunity that being a HGV driver offers – the chance to travel across the UK and the world!

As a driver, you’ll get to visit different cities and countries. Hop out on one of your breaks and venture around a new location.


Continuously increase your skills

Our HGV recruitment team can assist with the process of getting relevant HGV qualifications needed to continue with your career.


Are you a young person, interested in becoming a HGV driver?

The Department of Transport has introduced a new HGV driving scheme for young drivers. They can now do HGV jobs, whilst receiving first class training towards license acquisition and qualifications. This scheme provides the opportunity for young drivers to obtain a Category C driving licence at 18 instead of 21, so young drivers can kickstart their career even sooner.


How we can help you

Whether you have years of experience in the HGV driving industry, or you’re a newly qualified driver, we can help support you with your driving career. We can provide you with regular work, great rates of pay, support and we have a range of job positions available.

If you’re a HGV driver or you’re interested in becoming one, we want to hear from you.

With the current shortage of drivers, now would be a great time to pursue a HGV driving career to help keep the UK going. Call our team on 0808 175 3644 or send us an email at enquiries@h-g-recruitment.com.

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