Warehouse operatives play a key role in supplying essentials and other items to businesses and households across the country. This was never more evident than during the Coronavirus pandemic

As specialists in warehouse recruitment solutions, we understand that warehouse work isn’t for everyone and there are a set of important skills you need to succeed in the role.

Here are the 5 most essential skills you’ll need to possess if you want to be a warehouse worker:


Physical Fitness

It goes without saying, but people looking for warehouse operative jobs need to physically fit and mobile due to the demands of the job. You will spend a lot of your time lifting, moving, and organising warehouse stock, so you will need to be comfortable exerting yourself in line with health and safety regulation.

Picking and packing products in a large warehouse also means you will be required to move around a lot in the role. This means you also need to be confident that you can safely reach, bend, lift, load and unload without causing injury to yourself or others.


Numeracy, Literacy and IT Skills

Working as a warehouse operative, its likely you will need to be able to follow written instruction including reading labels and directions. It is likely you will also require numeracy skills to count stock.

For many warehouse jobs, it is important that you are comfortable with technology and IT as you may be required to use tech devices to enter simple data.


Spatial Awareness

Spacial awareness is an understated quality for working in a warehouse. Having good special awareness is vital when organising stock efficiently.

If you are required to use any equipment such as a forklift in your role as a warehouse operative, its important you know how to manoeuvre your equipment to lift and move stock effectively.



As providers of warehouse operative jobs, we are always looking for motivated people that are always on the go. It’s exactly what is required for a warehouse.

To help reach your goals it is essential that you are a motivated self-starter, with the energy to work under pressure and at a fast pace.

Good levels of motivation can help you stand out amongst your colleagues and is an excellent way to spread positivity throughout your team.


Teamwork Skills

Being able to work effectively as part of team is an important skill no matter what industry you work. Warehouse operatives need to work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve goals. This is one of the best things about working in a warehouse, because you will have a team of warehouse staff around you that you can work and bond with.


Warehouse Recruitment by H&G Recruitment

If you have the warehouse operative skills listed above and are interested in a new opportunity, our recruitment agency is currently recruiting for a range of warehouse jobs for some of the biggest businesses in the country.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email our friendly and experienced warehouse recruitment consultants at enquiries@h-g-recruitment.com.

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